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By Jack Hoo
Posts:  29
Joined:  Tue Apr 23, 2024 12:34 am
Hi there, growers!

We're going through a heavy rain here. Been raining all day nonstop yesterday and today (gotta love Florida's weather). And it's estimated it will continue raining for the rest of the week. I have my Venus flytraps outside planted in LFSM. Do you guys leave your flytraps put during a period of continuous rain or would you bring them inside untill it stops?

UPDATE: Surprisingly, it seems like this constant rain actually helped the plants!

They seem a bit more green and perky. I think this constant rain helped wash them off of all the minerals and poison from the Perfect Plants potting mix. And This rain in particular was particularly "pure".

I tested some of the water (left a container out to catch some of the water) with the TDS meter and it read 5PPM. Even some of the water on trays from my potted basil and sunflowers, with all the dirt and gunk didn't read higher than 21PPM. So even that water would have been acceptable for the plants! :D

Happy that they have gotten better with this rain, hope they continue to get better and grow back after such a bad start this year.

Also saved some of the water collected during this rain to water them in the future. Save some pennies hehe.
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By Jack Hoo
Posts:  29
Joined:  Tue Apr 23, 2024 12:34 am
I did take out the trays. Just letting the water flow through them. Don't want to move them inside, maaaaybe I can move them to another spot where they don't get a lot of rain though honestly the rain isn't violent, it's just constant.
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