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By ChefDean
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I'm seeing quite a few hitchhikers this year, looking to be mostly vatieties of filiformis, but some could be finlaysoniana, and a possible rotundifolia. However, one is making me scratch my head.
20240529_081738.jpg (2.53 MiB) Viewed 243 times
Obviously a binata of some sort, but I only have a theory as to its origin.
None of my binata have ever produced seed, and my Neps are kept separated from the other plants, hanging up higher than the rest, on the opposite side of my patio. Plus my Neps just got repotted six weeks ago, so a stray seed is virtually impossible.
My theory is this. They were repotted into NZLFSM that I got from Matt last year. To the best of my knowledge, Matt does not grow binata, and binata are native to New Zealand. I'm thinking a stray seed lay waiting for the opportunity to spring forth.
Both Neps and binata get some pretty convoluted roots, so I better relocate it while it's young and shallow.
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