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By Dan J
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Joined:  Sat Mar 23, 2024 7:07 pm
Good afternoon all,

On my “Introduce yourself” post, I mentioned that the deer were worse than a plague of locusts by me. I had a couple strands of wire on a weak electric fencer and decided I better up my game now that I have plants I really care about.

The last pic is my initial electric fencer compared to my used farm charger.

The other pics are of the new fence set up. The top wire and chicken wire are hot, with a nice little surprise extra ground wire running along the ground for squirrels and rabbits.

Yes, I’ll eventually need to protect from the birds, but I’m calling this good for now.
IMG_0939.jpeg (7.12 MiB) Viewed 358 times
IMG_0940.jpeg (7.05 MiB) Viewed 358 times
IMG_0937.jpeg (3.7 MiB) Viewed 358 times
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By andynorth
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Joined:  Fri May 12, 2023 9:08 pm
Nice. Very nice. So do you have lower voltage for the smaller critters? I would love to do something similar but I have little ones around that are curious enough that I would be in trouble with my wife and probably my grandkids!!! Of course, my son would just get a kick out of it and tell me "I bet they don't do that again".
By Dan J
Posts:  37
Joined:  Sat Mar 23, 2024 7:07 pm
I’ve seen some chargers made for pets. I’m sure it is still unpleasant to touch. This one is for cows and I’ve been poked a few times by ones larger than this when I worked on the farm. It was definitely memorable but didn’t cause any injury. The small one I was using was constant current vs the pulse style one. The constant current, although weaker, did fry a few birds over the years. The pulse chargers supposedly won’t do that.

What I will say is that your rubber soled shoes do a really good job of lessening the shock. I’ve leaned over the fence to pull weeds with the little charger and quickly realized I wasn’t as thin as I used to be when the old fat roll got lit up. Then I was on my knees inside the wire weeding once and hit the hot wire. Wow! What a difference it makes being grounded a bit better (still the little charger). I don’t want to get zapped by the big boy. Being a 15 mile charger powering around 100’ of fence, it has some power to spare.
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