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By TheeBadJuju
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Joined:  Wed Apr 10, 2024 9:57 pm
I just bought these off of an online retailer. I reported them into a peat moss/perlite mixture and flushed the medium down to 30ish ppm. I am just stressed about them because they are laying pretty flat and all of the ones I see online look all proud and standing up. :D I live in Michigan and I have been acclimating them to full sunlight but it gets a little chilly still at night (around 40 degrees Fahrenheit) I have been pulling it inside at night anyway though. It was replanted less than a week ago. Do I just need to give it time? And should I feed the reddish trap a bug?Image
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20240410_174903.jpg (5.95 MiB) Viewed 423 times
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By andynorth
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It almost looks to have just emerged from dormancy. Possibly planted just a tad too deep. It is, from what I have learned, albeit the hard way, more detrimental to keep moving them. Find a spot where it can get as much direct sunlight as possible and leave it there. I just took all of mine out of dormancy and they look pretty sickly but they are growing new traps. Most people, from what I have gathered being on this forum for almost a year, do not feed their CP's while they are outside. They will catch what they need on their own. The more the trap closes, the closer it gets to death. 3 to 4 times I believe is about the norm and then they turn black. I am not sure what soil you use but I grow all my flytraps in 100% LFSM. They have done very well thus far and grew their own new, green LFSM while dormant.
By Dan J
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Hello fellow Michiganander, I don’t think there is any harm in feeding a trap or 2. When repotting, the flytrap will always look sad for a little while, and may even loose a few traps. Keep an eye on the new growth to make sure it looks healthy.
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By ChefDean
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Having just been shipped and repotted, the plants look fine. The media looks a bit dry though.
As to moving them in and out, stop doing that unless it's going to drop below freezing. If it does, cover them to protect from frost, then uncover the next morning. Only bring them inside if it's forecasted to drop below about 27°F.
They're stressed from changing environments and from being handled. Moving them is confusing them, stressing them more. Leave them outside.
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By MikeB
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TheeBadJuju wrote: Wed Apr 10, 2024 10:06 pm I reported them into a peat moss/perlite mixture and flushed the medium down to 30ish ppm.
About testing the water run-off when flushing media . . . take a look at this video:

Is a TDS Meter Useful to Detect Minerals in Peat Moss?
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