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Other than a few photos and seller descriptions, I could not find much on this patented cultivar.,813,322
Inside, the provided comparison of selected cultivars does not provide much on what to expect.
The following traits have been repeatedly observed and are determined to be unique characteristics of `FLEXX` which in combination distinguish this Dionaea as a new and distinct cultivar:

1. Well filled in, full plant growth habit

2. Small rosette plant, measuring about 3 to 10 cm in height (above the pot at maturity);

3. Mature trap lobes have unique red-purple interior color.

4. Well-suited for smaller pot sizes

5. Long-lasting habit.

The new Dionaea `FLEXX` can be compared to the unpatented commercial variety Dionaea `Big Mouth`. Plants of the new cultivar `FLEXX` are similar to plants of Dionaea a `Big Mouth` in most horticultural characteristics, however the varieties differ in the following:

1. Dionaea `Big Mouth` has shorter petioles

2. Interior surface color of trap lobes of this comparator is a different shade of red

3. This comparator's exterior surface color of trap lobes is yellow.

The new Dionaea `FLEXX` can also be compared to the unpatented commercial variety Dionaea `Red Green`. Plants of the new cultivar `FLEXX` differ from plants of Dionaea `Red Green` in the following characteristics:

1. Dionaea `Red Green` has longer petioles.

2. Dionaea `Red Green` has smaller sized traps

3. Dionaea `Red Green` is a less vigorous plant

The sellers/resellers carrying this cultivar advertise it as a vigorous giant. I guess time will tell how it stacks up to the other giants.
By VFTnPups
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It was patented two years ago by Corn. Bak B.V., a Nursery in the Netherlands. They sell this and a typical. Their photo looks like any low lying typical. What I’m confused about is why patent it at all? It looks like they have patents for this plant in the US, EU, and Japan. Doesn’t that mean Corn Bak is the only seller allowed to breed and distribute it unless they’ve personally given authorization to other sellers in those locations? Also, in the patent description it mentions that Flexx is propagated through a proprietary cross of parent vft and can be sexually reproduced through seed if the offspring show the same traits as the parent plant. The description was pretty vague as well. It was bred to produce long lasting traps? Maybe it’s just me, but something seems off? It’s like they patented a typical vft.
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By Gemini 76
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I have two Flexx plants. And what I can tell you is that I have traps on there that are still healthy from december. They last forever.
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