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By Hellspawness77
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Joined:  Sat Mar 16, 2024 7:24 pm
Hello all! I am new here and am honestly really excited to have some people who can talk about, help with, and get excited about all carnivorous plants with me!! I have been taking care of 3 different kinds of carnivorous plants for a good 3 years now! (I’m by no means a pro or anything close to it but I have made the 3 I’ve owned flourish!) I just added 4 new awesome babies to my collection, with one of them being butterworts which I don’t know anything about other than it eats bugs! :lol: but ya, I’m a single mom of 2 who freaking loves the outdoors, and has a very “live life to the fullest, totally chill and kickback, kind of personality. Thanks for letting me be here!
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By evenwind
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