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Discuss or post photos or images of drawings, paintings, sculptures or other art.

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By Barlapipas 6
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Joined:  Tue Aug 30, 2022 11:26 pm
I cut off my S.purpurea flower because I didn’t want seeds and then I putted it inside a small blue globe thing with a cylinder and I poured distilled water. I took some nice pictures in the dark.
FFA4294C-8DE5-46B0-A76B-DBA8F1E4AA05.jpeg (2.63 MiB) Viewed 1436 times
3854F8EF-F070-4589-9719-7442E144A05C.jpeg (2.31 MiB) Viewed 1436 times
68FE8E7D-E24E-4FA1-9C27-7FB5DFB1E34C.jpeg (2.71 MiB) Viewed 1436 times
DCCFC578-121F-42DA-87E8-0EA8DE4FDF45.jpeg (2.6 MiB) Viewed 1436 times
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By DragonsEye
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Not sure which I like more the second or the fourth photo

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