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By ChefDean
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I've received some unusual SASE's (SASEsses, SASEi, SASEopods?...) over the past few years, but I believe that all have made it through without an issue. However, this one might encounter some problems.
Don't do this
Don't do this
20240308_062922.jpg (1.99 MiB) Viewed 501 times
It was cut to fit into the envelope that the member sent, then stapled shut on the ends. Please don't do this. Instead, fold the SASE to fit inside, and it will reach me just fine.
20240308_064203.jpg (2.62 MiB) Viewed 501 times
Thanks to generous members, stamps have also been donated from time to time, so I will re-do this into another envelope to give it the best possible chance of making it to its destination.
Last, please address it correctly. You can see in the first pic that the stamp is in the correct position, but the address is not. The mailing address should be lower, close to the middle (there's some wiggle room, blue), and the return address should be in the upper left corner (red).
Homeland Security? WTF?
Homeland Security? WTF?
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When sending me a SASE, I suggest that these addresses be the same. My address for the mailing and return addresses on the outer envelope, your address in both places on the SASE. This is to give the seeds a better chance at reaching you in the event the mailing address is rendered unreadable for some reason. I also suggest using a standard #10 envelope with a first class stamp. More postage can be used, but it is unnecessary in most cases. A smaller envelope can also be used, but if you have a two-fer with bonuses and add-ons, it can get tight.
Happy growing.
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