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By andynorth
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I am not sure if anyone has the need for a powerful little clip on fan but if so, let me make my recommendation for this ... tails&th=1. I have been testing out several fans in an attempt to lower the temperature in my grow tents. I have 2 grow tents, one has a Vivosun Smart 200W light and the other has a 200W MarsHydro light. Even while running at 25% on the Vivosun (Lowest it goes) and 15% on the MarsHydro I was having a hard time keeping the temp at a steady 85 to 86 degrees F. The Vivosun was hitting low 90's. I have hygrometers on the top, second and third shelves of each tent. I have alarms set for 86 degrees. Today when I checked, all were coming in under 80 degrees. In short, that means almost a 10 degree drop in temp on the Vivosun. This is on the setting of 5, the highest it can go without using the app. You can connect one of their E25 or E42A smart controllers ($19.00/$90.00on Amazon) to it and use the app which gives a wider range, 0-10 for the fan. I am currently satisfied with the setting they are on so no need for it at this time but one never knows. They even oscillate and are very quiet when operating. I paid $60.00 for 2 of them shipped. They are still on sale on Amazon but not that cheap. Vivosun has them for about $6.00 cheaper but not sure of shipping. I give these fans a 5 out of 5 stars as I can not find a single issue with them.
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