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By Intheswamp
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Okay, @hollyhock had one of her whizbang contests back around Thanksgiving ("Gobble Gobble"...get it?...oh, well :lol: ...) and "yours truly" was the big cheese winner!!!! :D :D :D

I found a square box in that old metal box sitting beside the road that the drunk mule stuffs letters and bills in. The box was *far* better than the stuff he's been stuffing in there lately!!! It was from...hollyhock!!!!! YIPPIEEEEE!!!!! :mrgreen:

Last night, right or wrong, I potted up two of the three treasures! The (rather large) D. capensis "Red Beet" (or is it "Beet Red"?) got a traditional 1:1 peat/perlite mix and the D. madagascariensis got a 1-peat:1-perlite:2-LFSM mix. Both of those are cute little buggers and I can tell they'll be pulling their own weight around here before long...I really think they've been drooling at the idea of eating some Dixie bugs. :lol: The cape got a 20oz styrofoam cup whereas the more diminutive madagascariensis got an 8oz one (for now). I would really like to talk to the person that named that plant...I think they gave it that long name just to try and trip an old long haired southern boy up!!! But, hey...this ol' boy knows about "copy-and-paste"!!! :lol: Anyhow, I got those situated (I think) okay for now. I had to look around on the mada(longname) to see what it liked...I hope I did right with the peat/perlite/lfsm mix. :?

The other treat in the box caused me a bit of confusion. I didn't know for sure what it was, though the name was written on the condiment cup that it was in. I kept searching for "D. Nephrophylla" and couldn't find anything. Lucky for me that Google is smarter than me and eventually pulled up "U. Nephrophylla". Naturally I knew I hadn't made a mistake reading the name on the container so I went back and looked. Guess what?...somebody changed the "D." to a "U." while I wasn't looking!!! :roll: :lol: (I think it was Chef. He probably snuck a ride back down here on the drunk mule after it delivered one of my seed request envelopes!!!! ;) ).

Anyhooooo, I figured that one out, being sharp as I am! It's U. Nephrophylla. But, but, but...there's little-bitty leaves in some really mucky muck. I had some U. sandersonii that came from Chef (dang, didn't I just mention him?!)...I planted it in some live sphagnum moss in a glass container. The sandersonii took a dive, became an underwater plant viewable through the side of the glass container. The live sphagnum grew, and grew, and grew...and the sandersonii, well, it just kinda...disappeared? :( ...and the moss keeps on growing. :roll: I've had great luck at growing U. subulata, though...I'm thinking of investing in a micro weedeater to keep it down...maybe a micro-goat. :| So, here comes the question!!! What do I grow the U. Nephrophylla in? I'm thinking a peat/sand mix...heavy on the sand...would that work? How deep of a pot? Wide? I've heard to keep it soggy...I've heard that it likes to get "kind of dry...but not dry". Recommendations are definitely appreciated!

Okay, so if you've been with me this long you now get to see the plants. Remember that these plants just made a harrowing trip from Michigan to Alabama with the last leg of the trip on the back of a drunk mule (and equally drunk, baccy-chewing woman on its back). (As an aside I'd like to extend my deepest sympathies to Michigan in advance to January 1st...ROLL TIDE!!!! :mrgreen: ).
Continuing on... Neither the cape nor the madasahatter had much if any dew on them when they got here and the U. Nephrophylla looked like it had had it's own party in the condiment container. And, they were all a tad cold (yeah, it gets cold down here!<g>). But, regardless, all plants were red and green and looking healthy! I expect the sundews to dew up real quick and the utric, well, I gotta figure out how to handle that little jewel but I'm expecting great things from it and purdy flowers! :D So, without much (more) ado...some pictures!!! :D :D :D
U. Sandersonii DNA in live sphagnum.
U. Sandersonii DNA in live sphagnum.
IMG_4221a (Custom).JPG (371.86 KiB) Viewed 402 times
U. Nephrophylla (*not* &quot;D.&quot; Nephrophylla!)
U. Nephrophylla (*not* "D." Nephrophylla!)
IMG_4075b (Custom).JPG (835.92 KiB) Viewed 402 times
D. Madagascariensis (copy-and-paste&lt;grin&gt;)
D. Madagascariensis (copy-and-paste<grin>)
IMG_4148a (Custom).JPG (433.69 KiB) Viewed 402 times
D. Capensis Red &quot;Beet&quot;
D. Capensis Red "Beet"
IMG_4179a (Custom).JPG (419.9 KiB) Viewed 402 times
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