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By ChefDean
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As the title indicates, I made a boo boo. This boo boo is in the form of missing listing one of the sundew donations from Nepenthes0260.
Along with the other amazing seeds he shared, he also sent in a pretty cool one. He has shared, are you ready for this?, one pack of D. broomensis (Ngadalargin Wetland, Nimalaica Claypen Lake Region, Broome) clone 3 x broomensis (Deep Creek, The Kimberley). So cool!
Back when I was a young pup, I ordered a seed trio package online. For only four dollars, I was sent seeds for a blue flytrap, a blue capensis, and a blue broomensis (they called it an octopus plant). I was so happy, but only the blue VFT's grew. However, they somehow mutated into basil. Weird. I learned later that they were all hooey, and that VFT's don't magically mutate to an entirely different species.
After doing more research, I decided that broomensis, and practically all of the Petiolaris dews, are beyond my scope of expertise at the moment. One of you may be ready to take on the challenge of this spectacular plant.
These seeds are available to donors only for the next 48 hours, and all eligible members after that.
In light of my accidental omission, I will not respond to any requests yet in case, or until, someone changes their mind. If no changes by this evening, we'll move forward.
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