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By Intheswamp
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Does the lamp have to be asthetically pleasing (wife or mother approved appearance?). I've been looking and it looks like the few gooseneck-type of clamp lights that have a weight limit listed max out at around a 7 ounces of payload. It looks like the 65W Sansi weighns in around 11 ounces. So gravity may play against you with most of those. I used a lighted magnifying glass years ago when building ham radios and such. The glass and light was probably at least a couple of pounds. It was one of the twin-armed, pivoting arms, with large springs creating tension, and tightening knobs to lock it into position. But, even this one needed a little help by using some extra washers with the tension knobs. I think probably one of the pivoting arms will hold more weight than a gooseneck will hold. Another option would be to get a hanging lamp fixture, if that is possible.

If you're not concerned with how it looks there's the option of using some large "C" clamps and building your own support.
By Dan V
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My Sansi 36-watt bulb in a hanging pendant light fixture. Probably the most important feature is the shade size as the bulb is very bright and you definitely want it covered by the shade. ... UTF8&psc=1
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By andynorth
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So after using a couple versions of the "Gooseneck" style lights for a few months, I decided to upgrade to one of these for my greenhouse: ... UTF8&psc=1, I am extremely happy with this light and once installed my plants thrived. I then decided that I wanted to buy a small grow tent to use for germinating seeds and raising seedlings until they are big enough to go to greenhouse and then outdoors. I then purchase one of these: ... UTF8&psc=1 and I am very please with this one also. I am using the Mars Hydro in the germinating tent and the Vivosun in the greenhouse. Although I check out the various specs on different lights, I like to judge for myself and I will say that both of these lights did not fail to impress. I am very happy with the results I am seeing. The Vivosun has an App that controls the light strength, on/off time and the fan. Can also be used with Vivosun grow tents and blowers, etc. I like being able to adjust the brightness of the lights depending on the needs. On 3/4 strength setting the Mars hydro does a really good job germinating. Full strength will throw the grow tent above 100 degrees F so have to calm it down. I really like the Vivosun as I can adjust at any time without opening anything up.

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