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By Intheswamp
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Joined:  Wed May 04, 2022 2:28 pm
I think my south Alabama area isn't the greatest for neps. I pretty much grow all my stuff outside or in an non-climate-controlled old trailer.

I got two cuttings earlier this year, a Lady Luck and a Ventrata, from a couple of good guys here on the forum. Both started out pretty good, but the Lady Luck took a dive and didn't recover. :( The ventrata, though, was a larger cutting that I cut in half...after a while it seemed to be putting on some growth so I moved it to where it could get a couple of hours of morning sun. As time went on it grew very slowly, putting out a few tendrils with swollen tips but never forming pitchers. It was HOT. Panman recommended I move it out of the sun so I hung it beneath some trees. That helped some as the plant didn't look as "stressed" and seemed to start growing faster. But, with the heat, I still had no pitchers forming. Finally we got a tad of relief from the heat...from 95F-100F days down to low-90s/high-80s. The two pieces of Ventrata cuttings both appeared to start growing even better/faster and lo' and behold...I've finally got a tiny pitcher growing!!! Of course, now we're in a drought situation and the humidity level is low..."Red Flag"/fire hazard warning in effect.<sigh> I spritz it with water and water it regularly. I think, though, that I'm going to have to grow these indoors during the heat of the summer if I want a pot of pitchers. For now, they seem to be doing the best they've done.
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By specialkayme
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Intheswamp wrote: Fri Oct 06, 2023 2:36 pm I think my south Alabama area isn't the greatest for neps.
I've seen pictures of neps grown in central and south Florida that are just monsters. One circulated around was growing in a 55 gallon trash can it was so massive. There are also a ton of growers in Arizona, and Carnivero is in TX (although mostly growing in greenhouses). So I don't think high temps are going to be your issue for neps overall. I would avoid highland species though, for sure.

Intermediate neps prefer closer to room temp conditions. Most I have can tolerate into the low to mid 80's, but prefer things in the high 60's to mid 70's. Of course, that's a massive over generalization, but you get the idea. Lady luck and vent are closer to intermediates. There is also a big of acclimation involved.

Neps haven't evolved to live in very bright conditions, like sars or VFT. They evolved to live on the forest floor, vining up through the tree canopy when they get bigger. So if you're going to put it outside, some place with a good amount of shade would be a good idea.

I keep 5 plants outside during the summer, on my front porch. they seem to like it. Including 2 amps.

If I were you, I'd keep trying outdoors. Looks like you have a great setup for lowlands. Try one that has a wider range of elevations they're found in, but geared toward the lowland ( ... ive-guide/). Gracilis, rafflesiana, craciliflora, truncata, veitchii (lowland version) or ampullaria would be really good ideas. Depending on what you like, and what you want to get. Some can get pricy. A "cheap" red amp may cost $20. A BM var may cost $200.

Another option is one like Maxima. Has a REALLY wide elevation range. Sometimes you can find one that like's lowland, sometimes it likes intermediate. So if you go with something like that, try it outside and if it pitches a fit move it inside. But that one is usually pretty forgiving.
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By Intheswamp
Posts:  3494
Joined:  Wed May 04, 2022 2:28 pm
Well, I'll stay the course for now. The good thing is that this winter the old trailer where I grow my plants at should work well for the ventrata. It doesn't get overly cold in their with the heat coming from the lights...and there's a big bay window I can hang it in front of.

From what I'm hearing I think I'll stick with lowland'ish neps. I like to keep things simple as I goes with my simple-mindedness (just ask my wife! ;) ). Thanks for the link to the nep page and your lowland recommendations...good info and it looks like there's plenty enough to keep me occupied down in the "low" elevation range. I sit at about 425' elevation, on a hill. I'll keep my eyes open for a Maxima, it sounds for the $20-$200 range I'm on the famous (boss lady suggested) "ramen noodle budget". :mrgreen:

The temperature dropped to 61F last night/this morning. Forecast for 44F tonight. I could move it into our open-ended garage up against the stays a few degrees warmer there. Or, I could move it into the old trailer...the lights keep it fairly cozy in there.

I'll have to decide early today where to move it to for the next couple of nights...if I move it. We had a "must see" highschool football game last night (well, halftime show...majorette granddaughter!) and today a "band competition". :roll: :lol: The bad thing is Alabama and TAMU plays at 2:30 cst and the band competition starts around noon...about 50 miles from here.<ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!> "Driving Miss Gigi"....I'm the chauffeur! :lol: One benefit of going to the game last night was I got to meet my sixteen-year-old granddaughter's "just revealed" boyfriend. 8-) I introduced myself as, "Hi, I'm Ed, her granddaddy...your worst nightmare". Ya know, I think we kind of live for moments like that. One of my SIL's friends was standing right behind me...they're all big, corn fed boys, I ain't too sure their parents didn't throw some cow supplement blocks into their playpens when they were babies. Anyhow, I pointed over my shoulder at him with a thumb and told the boyfriend that he was my "backup". The boyfriend actually managed to roll with the punches pretty good...I was impressed. *Then* my sweet wife got him him to the side with just the most sweet and innocent conversation.
The boy never realized she was subjecting him to a deep, CIA-worthy interrogation. :lol: I'm so proud of that little lady of mine! :) Sorry, I tend to rattle on at times...just thought I'd share. :D

Anyhow, I'll figure out what to do (about the plant, not the boyfriend)... ;)

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