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By Intheswamp
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Joined:  Wed May 04, 2022 2:28 pm
Ok, so actually I thought I'd introduce you to Dead-Head John. He's a friendly, but odd kinda fella. Just stands there all day waving and throwing a peace sign out the window. While I'm introducing you to him you might as well take a gander at my state-of-the-art, hitech, envy of all serious CP growers grow room. Equipped with two bonafide Costco garage lights is the top of the old Gulf Station snack rack. Utricularia, a few flower-red/white-flower sundews, local D. capillaris with seed pods and throwing up more flower stalks, and some D. Florida Giant x Tracyi leaf cuttings enjoying the lights there. Oh, and a pan of miscellaneous sundews started from seed...they're just not doing that great except for the D. capillaris.<sigh>

Bottom shelf is lit by three 48" Wallyworld LED 5000k shoplights. There's a D. binata, D. tokaisens (I never can spell that one and I ain't lookin' it up! :P ), and a pot of local D. brevifolia in the white tray on the left. Then a couple of pots of some red flytraps, a pot of miscellaneous traps, a S. Scarlet Belle, and a S. leucophyllia. Sitting in front of the ancient snack-rack are two pans of local sphagnum moss that I've had growing for several months.

The entire rack (and the little blue fan) are hooked to a timer that runs everything for ~16 hours a day...right now roughly from late afternoon till late benefit from the heat generated by the lights.

Over to the right you can see a large plastic container on a desk. Threre's three pots of sarrs seedlings and a pot of wide-leaf capes in there. There's about an inch of water in the container with a heat mat below governed by an Ink-Bird thermostat.

The nice ice bucket sitting to the right side of the desk works *very* nicely when holding a frozen bottle of water and a few cans of your favorite liquid. ;) My MIL worked for Holiday Inn many, many moons ago. I figure it's souveneir from the past. :mrgreen:

Now, getting back to the topic at hand. Dead-Head John came about because the old trailer is one we sat up for my MIL years ago. She went home to the Lord several years ago and the trailer has been mostly unused but still with power going to it. Went I started gardening I set it up to grow my seedlings in the early spring. Now, with the CPs, it's getting just about fulltime use...with added lights, too! As it may be, I've had a couple of people to mention to other people who then mentioned to me (see how this goes, eh? :mrgreen: ) that "there's lights on in your MIL's old trailer!". Well, I appreciate the concern they have for the lights being on. The trailer sits a piece off the highway so they kinda had to be rubbernecking a bit...but I appreciate their thoughts. ;) Anyhow, I figured I give them something to think about so I grabbed an old pair of pants and a shirt, cut out some hands and a head...and Dead-Head John came to be. I figured folks needed to see someone waving at them when they do their rubbernecking.<grin> His name is John...John Doe. His friends call him "Dead-Head John" :mrgreen:

Yep, state-of-the art operation here with a friendly security guard!!!!! :ugeek: 8-) :mrgreen:

Now, just how much time out of your life did you waste reading all of this? :lol:
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By Bug_cemetery
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Do we just have to use our imaginations or…? I mean, I’ve got some pretty colorful mental images going on here, but I was really looking forward to meeting this fine southern gentleman.
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By Intheswamp
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Joined:  Wed May 04, 2022 2:28 pm
Who knows? (The Shadow, maybe?). He’s in the witness protection program by maybe I can get him to show his face tomorrow. :lol:
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By Intheswamp
Posts:  3497
Joined:  Wed May 04, 2022 2:28 pm
I finally got somewhat of a shot of Dead-Head John waving out the window....
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