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Post your experience here, good or bad, to help others in future transactions

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By Intheswamp
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Joined:  Wed May 04, 2022 2:28 pm
But...he's cool. :lol:

I had pleaded (actually I just asked him) for some S. Alabamesis Alabamesis x self seeds he had had in a giveaway...hoping he had a pinch maybe left hanging around he could send me. Ya know, moochers like me gotta mooch! :lol:

Anyhow, after he stopped a stampeding stage coach and saved two young (pretty) school teachers, three orphans, and a mangy coach driver from certain death, and was injured when he was thrown from his mighty steed in the process he managed to drag himself over to his seed stash with his one good arm and his slightly broken leg. He dutifully did what all masked heroes do and sent some to me via secured, armed carrier (I think the lady on the mule still has arms). What the sneaky rascal didn't tell me was he had slipped an extra treasure in the envelope. No, not a bomb and no spiders...but, it is a killer!!! :o

I retrieved the mail earlier today and found a strange package in the tin box the lady on the mule throws my mail in. I scratched my head a minute and listened from a distance for any ticking sounds. Questioning my hearing I *almost* called the sheriff department, but being Saturday I figured them and the lady that rides the mule and delivers the mail (and the mule) were probably drunk watching the Beavers get beat.<sigh> *Then*...I saw it was from Panman.

I though to myself, "Myself, those sarrs seeds ain't that big!!!" (See, I do know that sarrs seeds don't need a container a couple of inches thick and say....six inches long!!! I'm larnin'!!!!) Anyhow, I scampered inside, ran around in circles like a dog gettin' ready to take a nap, and finally grabbed the package and went outside to open it (just in case it did explode...???). What do I see when I delicately and carefully ripped into the package like a raccoon into your best layin' hen?.....a plant label!!!!! Yesirree....a plant label!!!!! Now folks that know me know that I've been on a journey to find certain seeds, or actual specimens of a...certain plant!!! Now, what behooved Panman to do this I don't know...maybe he was tired of all my rachet-jawing folks trying to find some of these...maybe he was just bein' nice...I tend to think the latter 'cause this ain't the first time he's done something really nice.

And one more thing...he sent the sarrs seeds, too!!!! ;) Did I mention he also got an arrow in his shoulder while saving those teachers and orphans on the run away stagecoach?

So, if you're gonna get, give, trade, buy, sell, blend, swap, share, or otherwise have a transaction with aware that you're most likely to get more than you bargain a good way!!! :D

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By Intheswamp
Posts:  3083
Joined:  Wed May 04, 2022 2:28 pm
Well, Panman's been chewing on electric fences again!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I got in on the Nepenthes ventrata cuttings deal with him. Along the way I mentioned I was looking to buy some capes for possible future leaf-cuttings and wondered if he had some I could buy from him. I figured on how much he's already done for me I'd give him the business rather than look elsewhere. He offered a deal for some capes (and I mean a *deal*) that I couldn't refuse. :D

My wife and I were in Montgomery yesterday and during a lapse in running to-and-fro I checked the tracking number Panman had sent me. It showed the package had been delivered!!! So, getting home with about an hour to spare before we headed off to Wednesday night bible study I quickly unboxed and appraised the situation. Fantastic packaging (as usual). Firth thing, the nepenthes was a nice chunk of plant...cut end well wrapped in wet towels and sitting in a ziplock bag happy as could be!

Below the nep and in the box were three Slush Puppies secured to the sides of the outer box. (Slush Pupplies?...Panman, apparently has a fixation with Slush Puppies, but we all gotta have a "thing", I guess! :lol: ). I was extremely excited on finding out the flavor of the Slush Puppies! :mrgreen: Each Slush Puppy was carefully wrapped and secured with wet paper towels and packing tape to the top of some plastic pots. Inside the each pot and Slush Puppy cup was much better than the icy treat...nicely secured with more wet paper towels and tape. Each time I unwrapped one was a big surprise!!! Panman, again, outdid himself!!!! I got the capes squared away, watered, and getting fresh air and I got the nep in a container of wet peat/perlite and sitting in a ziplock bag. ...and, we still made it on time for church!!! :D

A great transaction with @Panman!!! Thanks, Panman!!!!

Now, tell us...which flavor Slush Puppy do you prefer???? ;)
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By Panman
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I am a Blue Raspberry Slush Puppy fan. My wife used to run a concession stand for a fun park and I have two sleeves of Slush Puppy cups that I use for packaging. They do a decent job of keeping the leaves from being crushed.

Oh, and at lunch today, I was out working on putting up an electric fence. I should have it up by this weekend in time to get our horses moved to their new home.
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By Intheswamp
Posts:  3083
Joined:  Wed May 04, 2022 2:28 pm

Blue Raspberry, eh? Sounds tasty...I prefer berry-type goodies, myself. Next time I see a Slush Puppy machine I'll have one to salute you!!!! :mrgreen:

And, the Slush Puppy helmets definitely do the trick in protecting the leaves!!! <BIG THUMBS-UP!!!>

I'm glad ya'll are getting settled in to the new home!!! Room for the horses *and* an electric fence to chew on!!! Sounds like you're getting it together. Just remember when riding the grass stains on the seat of your britches or on the tip of your nose...proper landings are highly recommended! ;)

Thanks again, Panman. You're topnotch!!!! :!:
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