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By Sundews69
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In August/September I decided I needed to greatly upgrade my little fish tank set up. I decided to go the Ikea greenhouse cabinet route. What I got was nothing special; just had the glass shelves that came with it. Then I bought lights and a humidifier. The final product wasn't great. The lights were WAY too hot and it kept messing up the humidifier. It was usually around 80-90F in there until the lights shut off for the night (my helis HATED me). Finally I got around to doing more upgrades!

I found this amazing website that sells custom shelves for Ikea cabinet growing. I think they are made from clear acrylic plastic so they're very sturdy. They have lots of holes to allow the air from the humidifier to seep through. They even have corner shelves for sale so even more light can get to the bottom plants.

In the end I got two corner shelves and much cooler lights. It looks much better and the plants love it too!

If anyone is curious, here's where I got the shelves

Here's how it looks now (I took some of the worst looking plants out. Some that are still in there don't look amazing but the old lights were cookin everything in there!)
20230228_162006.jpg (5.58 MiB) Viewed 215 times

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