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By Andrew42x89
Posts:  129
Joined:  Mon Jan 23, 2023 3:18 pm
I haven’t been able to access’s over the last week or so. Had to use the Wayback Machine to read something the other day. Anybody else having trouble and/or know why it may be offline?
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By Intheswamp
Posts:  1675
Joined:  Wed May 04, 2022 2:28 pm
I just tried it and it’s a no go. Says server can’t be found. The owner may have let it go by the wayside or the server went kaput. :(
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By wcrosman
Posts:  120
Joined:  Thu Apr 14, 2022 2:03 am
Must be a server issue. Traceroute can go all the way and find it. Ping gets no response. Whois shows its still registered.

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