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By Dong
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Hello everyone, I am new to TC and have some questions related to sterilization, hoping to get advice.

My English is not very good, there may be some mistakes in expression, I hope you don't mind.

I currently have some NADCC, PPM (made my own), sodium hypochlorite. I've tried using sodium hypochlorite before, but it's hard to time it and often it gets infected or kills the seeds. So I'm thinking of switching to NADCC and PPM, I've heard they are milder.

There are a lot of different opinions on the web about the methods they use.

1 :500ppm of NADCC was treated for 3~6 hours, the time for highland varieties was shorter, and the time for lowland varieties was longer.

2:5000ppm NADCC and 0.5% PPM for 15 minutes, rinse with 0.5% PPM

3:10%PPM for 2-4hours

4: 250ppm gibberellin for 24 hours, then 10% ppm for 24 hours.

When it comes to using ppm, some people are conservative (shorter periods of time), while others use up to 24 hours. Has anyone done a comparison?

I'd like to minimize the amount of time I use chlorine as it seems to require different treatment times depending on the seed size, which is more difficult to control. And PPM seems to be more relaxed in disinfection time.

As for the disinfection of explants, I only found one method: 1/3 MS + 4% PPM for 4 hours. I plan to use it on my ampullaria lateral buds and add 0.1% PPM to the medium to suppress endophytes

Does anyone have a suggestion for this?

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