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By Intheswamp
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I've got two trays of sphagnum moss growing that I want to protect from tree rats, chumpmunks, diabolical house wrens, etc.,. I've got some 1/4" galvanized hardware cloth laid flat across each tray, around three inches above the moss. Can the zinc galvanizing pose a problem in regards to toxicity for the moss? I know that I've used it for small cages for CPs this past summer and I can't tell that it has hurt anything. I also know that many growers use chicken wire and other galvanized mesh so I feel it's "ok". The 1/4" wire is a bit more dense than 1" chicken wire, though. My gut says not to worry about it. But...."OCD Me!!!" ;) :?:
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By ChefDean
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As long as the metal isn't in the water or media to where the acid could strip the zinc ions out to be a potential issue, it sounds like you'll be fine.
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