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By Intheswamp
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When we go to "town" (a place with more than two traffic lights :lol: ) my wife likes to go by Hobby Lobby. I wander the aisles looking for something to use with whatever distraction I'm currently involved in. Having moved my plants inside I figured they need a bite to eat once in a while.

I found this little mortar and pestle at Hobby Lobyy....$5.00. I didn't like trying to feed whole freeze-dried-bloodworms to my sundews and even my small flytraps could be an issue. I figured this would work to grind up the bloodworms. It works like a charm! It only takes maybe 20-30 seconds to grind up a nice pile of bloodworms. When I fed tonight I added water to the powder for the flytraps and sundews, allowing any excess water to run off before feeding. I'm thinking I may try it dry for the sundews next time though it seems it might be a bit tricky keeping from spilling a good bit trying to drop it on the tentacles in dry powder form. :?
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