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By VelvetTooth
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Joined:  Thu Apr 21, 2022 5:05 am
Ordered: 5/24
Shipped: 5/31
Received: 6/3
Ordered a potted medium sized cobra. The website is pretty slow and the contact form doesn’t work, but prices are very low for many plants :D . He responds quickly via the gmail on his Facebook page. He sent a pic of the small and medium cobras and said mediums are 6 yrs old and coastal. Plant came with some live sphagnum too! Extremely happy with my purchase, especially since it was only $20 for a medium compared to $30+ for a small everywhere else. Only slight con was that there were 2 dead pill bugs stuck in the tape and one in the moss. Free food for my sundew :lol: . Currently he only ships tuesdays and the cut off time is Saturday evening. Plant is kinda brown though. Is this sunburn?
Medium cobra I got
Medium cobra I got
28844E72-50C7-42A1-A2D6-722DA3A2B9E5.jpeg (3.15 MiB) Viewed 3689 times
The pic he sent of the small
The pic he sent of the small
EA065EA0-052E-4A6F-8E9A-23917564322E.jpeg (1.51 MiB) Viewed 3689 times
Pic he sent of the medium
Pic he sent of the medium
5FF5A217-E038-49B2-B450-178604631EB8.jpeg (1.5 MiB) Viewed 3689 times
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By VelvetTooth
Posts:  143
Joined:  Thu Apr 21, 2022 5:05 am
He only has 2 potted mediums left. And if the pic of the mediums were the only 4 he had by the time I ordered, then he really only has 1 left bc the bottom right one seems dead.

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