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By Ani
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Joined:  Thu May 12, 2022 8:43 pm
Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could look at these pics of a trap that has my concern this morning. I took 3 pics. 2 of the trap of concern and one top view one of the plant, so you can see the state of the rest of the plant.

Until now, all my traps displayed a beautiful set of long, eye lash like teeth. If not long, just some good looking teeth / cilia. This morning though, I checked out this trap below and it looked like some of the teeeth spread wider and thinner and some just aren't there anymore. On one side of the trap some of the teeth look how I just described. On the other, there are chunks plain missing and teeth of different length.

Is this a sign of anything I should be worrying about?

I did repot the plant last Wesnesday, if that's any help. I also know there is a tiny spider living in there, as well as something I can rarely see/identify, and there was a whirligig mite.

Thanks for any advice!
IMG_20220522_072827335.jpg (2.57 MiB) Viewed 339 times
IMG_20220522_072809391_2.jpg (254.31 KiB) Viewed 339 times
IMG_20220522_072748980_HDR_2.jpg (170.85 KiB) Viewed 339 times

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