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By Will 90
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Last night I repotted my plant for the first time. I had to remove all the old media due to there being root rot. This meant it was kind of hard to tell how deep to plant the rhizome (because I couldn't easily tell how deep it was before). Now that it's the next day, though, I'm looking at the plant and I'm thinking that maybe it is indeed not deep enough (in the daylight I can see it better and I'm noticing that there are white sections of the leaves that were not exposed before).

Is this ok or should I deepen it? And if so how would I actually go about doing this? Could I just add more soil to the top of the pot or would I have to uproot the plant again?

One more question, what are your protocols for sunlight exposure following a repotting? From what I've read I gather it should be lessened but I've seen differing recommendations regarding just how much to lessen it.

I've included pictures of my plant before and after ('before' being the pics with the much smaller pot of course). And if you're wondering why my plant is so droopy, I don't really know (it may have had something to do with the root rot I found). The 'before' pictures were taken a couple weeks ago and as you can see the plant has flattened a lot more since then and just generally looks less healthy. This I think may be due to the fact that leading up to the repotting process the plant did not receive the attention it deserved (did not receive adequate levels of water and sunlight... this is my own fault and I feel very bad about this....), so I think that may account for the additional flattening etc. Or, maybe it was all caused by the root rot and it got flatter as the root rot got worse. I'm not sure.

Just really wanting the little guy to be ok and if I have planted too shallow then I would want to fix the issue ASAP. When I uprooted the flytrap I noticed there was actually a flower that was seemingly about to surface. Initially I was very happy as I thought flytraps only do this when thriving, and so I thought my plant must be doing a lot better than it appeared to be. I have since learned, though, that apparently they also sometimes flower when dying, as a last resort? And so when I learned that it actually just worried me more.

Any info regarding all this would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time and God bless
D910D311-4F5B-4C1A-B620-FD13415E9CDA.jpeg (3.7 MiB) Viewed 322 times
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By benguinmeowmeow
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It looks fine, flytraps will usually look bad after repotting but it will settle in. I'd just blast it with full sun, it's basically impossible give flytraps too much sun. As for flower stalks, I would definitely remove them from a plant in this state, plus I remove them anyway to propagate vegetatively.
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By thepitchergrower
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Looks like it may have been planted too deep. Other than that it should be fine.
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