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By Ewreck
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Joined:  Sun May 09, 2021 3:05 am
This is my first time having plants come out of dormancy and I’m wondering when does everyone usually start feeding their plants when they wake up? My plants are definitely starting to grow again but I know they aren’t fully awake yet. My Judith hindle still has a few decent pitchers from last year still full with bugs and purp has pitchers from last year but no bugs really. I want to give it that extra boost. My fly trap has made some kind of wonky traps(must have brain fog still lol) but has some older traps that opened back up. Also the flytrap divisions I separated when re potting have some traps that are now open. So I am just curious when everyone does their first max sea feeding after dormancy?
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By ChefDean
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Joined:  Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:44 am
Wait until you see active growth, that way you know that the plant will absorb the nutrients. If it's still sleeping, or just waking up, the solution may just sit there and burn the plant.
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