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By Nocturne
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Wanted to see how bad it is within my ability,found this real fast, the future for wild pop looks grim. Drying there for a mere 300 bucks at this moment. No more assessment needed and pisses me off when its this f***king easy…McPherson needs more than ark of life..he needs a whole legion for any hope.

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By Nepenthes0260
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A Fellow Scientist wrote:Nepenthes in Asia don't have the same level of protection from poaching as say Venus Fly Traps, right? I imagine there's not as much risk?
Nepenthes in Asia are poached MUCH more than Dionaea, so much that at least a couple species are extinct exclusively due to poaching (with lots more on the way). A lot of species are protected by laws but poachers can get around that. In the states, a poached VFT will sell for maybe $10, while a poached N. edwardsiana fresh out of the ground can be sold for $1000+.

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