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Discussions on how to propagate your plants sexually and asexually, by seed, natural division or leaf pulling

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By MikeB
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In late spring, I had to rebuild my pot of Vigorous cultivars due to old soil. Most of the plants recovered nicely, with the exception of the plant at the 4 o'clock position:
Vigorous - pot.jpg
Vigorous - pot.jpg (1.76 MiB) Viewed 845 times
Note the wide-open space in the middle. The biggest, healthiest-looking rhizome actually grew the worse in the new soil. It looked like it was on a downhill slide, so I decided to dig it up and do some leaf pulls before it died. I didn't have much hope for success because the leaf stubs were pretty small, just 0.75-1.25 inches / 19-32 mm long. I should know by now never to underestimate a flytrap's will to survive. Here is the pot of leaf pulls 6 weeks later:
Vigorous - leaf pulls.jpg
Vigorous - leaf pulls.jpg (1.44 MiB) Viewed 845 times
That's a 4-inch / 10-centimeter square pot with 20-25 leaf pulls. It looks like almost every one got a strike.
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