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By Darlingtoniafan222
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Joined:  Sun Dec 06, 2020 6:52 am
I have lost two vfts in the last few months. So I potted the bare root plants (the reason why bare root is because the store sells them all bare-root) in the peat and perlite mix. Distilled water, and put it in a slightly shaded area because our afternoon heat here is very hot. Looked a bit sickly so I moved it. After a while, one died for uknown reason but it looked like molds. The other one had traps that slowly got smaller and smaller so I repotted it and it died. The area is usually watered with regular hose water because it's next to succulents. What exactly happened here?
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By Nepenthes0260
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I'd change out the soil to perlite and sphagnum. Also Dionaea need tons of light, so if it's too hot in full sun outdoors I'd suggest growing them indoors under artificial lights. Dionaea can handle a lot of heat though. Mine have endured 100+ F days.
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By optique
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Davao summers are much cooler then summers where flytraps originate. Your winters could be to warm but that would take over a year to cause a issue. I would look at other factors like 6+ hours of direct sun and mineral exposure.

If you do not know the "TDS" of your hose water i would try to collect and use rain water only. People that use peat use "Canadian peat", I think sphagnum be easier to get in the Philippines and you can grow it yourself if you can get a live sample.
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