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Species Variant Notes
Alata Night
Alata Perry CO, MS
Alata Nigropurpurea Purple Tube De Soto National Forest
Alata Harrison Co, MS
Alata Black Tube White Crossing, Stone Co, MS
Excellens Giant #2
Flava Rubricorpora Generic
Flava Ornata Walton Co, FL
Flava Rubricorpora MWF-1
Flava Ornata LW5
Flava Select Solid Red Cuprea BH x Rubricorpora UCD)
Flava Rubricorpora MWF-1 x Cuprea BH
Flava Rubricorpora Select Dark L X Best
Flava Atropurpurea Big cuprea x waccamaw
Flava (Cuprea Giant x Big Cuprea) x Rubricorpora Phils Clone
Flava Red Atropurpurea
Flava Rubricorpora Claret
Flava F52EM
Flava Rugelli AxB clone #2
Flava Ornata Phils Stud Clone
Flava Ornata Select Reddish Clone (Gulf Coast x Black Veins) X Atro F27
Flava Cuprea
Flava Atropurpurea Blackwater SF MK F27
Flava Super Extreme Red Throat Bay Co, FL
Flava Ornata Improved Black Veins
Hybrid (Rubra x Oreo)x Purple Burkeii
Hybrid Ares x ace
Hybrid Red viper
Hybrid Vinter’s Treasure x Atropurpurea
Hybrid Hummers Hammerhead
Hybrid Jessica
Hybrid Dana Delight x (Rubra x Leuco) Addington
Hybrid Oreophila x Leah Wilkerson
Hybrid Leah Wilkerson
Hybrid Saurus x Adrian Slack
Hybrid Adrian Slack
Hybrid Royal Ruby x Adrian Slack
Hybrid Purple Lips x Flava Rugelli Clone A
Hybrid Doreen’s colossus
Hybrid Reptilian Rose
Hybrid Oreophila x purple lips
Hybrid Ares
Hybrid Blood in the snow x Leah Wilkerson
Hybrid Wrr x purple lips
Hybrid Hot Lips
Hybrid Leah Wilkerson x saurus
Hybrid Saurus x Adrian Slack
Hybrid Black Widow
Hybrid Leah Wilkerson x Moorei Monster
Hybrid Saxaphaw x Elaines Ice and Fire
Hybrid Leah Wilkerson x Moorei
Hybrid Blood in the Snow
Hybrid Leucophylla x Flava Ornata Clone B
Hybrid Flava Rubricorpora x purpurea montana
Hybrid Swamp Ghost x Leah Wilkerson
Hybrid Sting Ray
Hybrid Flava Tall x Everdine Coppertop
Hybrid RFN leuco x Adrian Slack
Hybrid WC x gulf prometheus
Hybrid HCW F x saurus
Hybrid Dana’s Delight
Hybrid Prince of Darkness x Giant Red
Hybrid Royal Ruby
Hybrid Bloodmoon WRR x Rubricopora Phils Clone
Hybrid "Oreophila x Ornata “Drooped Peri”
Hybrid French Kiss x Leuco hot pick
Hybrid Leah Wilkerson x Leigha Simone
Hybrid Flava Rubricorpora x Red Sun
Leucophylla HCW F
Leucophylla Generic
Leucophylla Burgundy
Leucophylla Escambia CO, AL
Leucophylla Purple lips
Leucophylla Semi alba HCW F x Stained Glass Baldwin Co, AL
Leucophylla Yellow flower super pink Baldwin co, AL
Leucophylla Red (AxB Select) Franklin Co, FL
Leucophylla AF
Leucophylla Drummonds giant
Leucophylla Purple Lips
Leucophylla Dark Red WRR x Dark Covington Co, AL
Leucophylla Red CC’s Clone Southern Baldwin Co, AL
Leucophylla North Baldwin Co, AL
Leucophylla Rod’s Favorite
Leucophylla HCW x HCW #7
Minor Minor var okie Phils giant x clumping clone
Minor Minor Charlton Co, GA
Oreophila Open pollinated
Oreophila Ornata Sand Mountain MK 07
Pinguicula Gigantea
Purpurea Purpurea Lowes
Rubra Gulfensis Giant
Venosa Tattnal Co, GA

Nepenthes Vietchii The wave x Candy Stripe
Nepenthes Miranda
Nepenthes Truncata
Nepenthes Truncata Pasian Red
Nepenthes Spectabilis x Ventricosa
Nepenthes Bicalcarata Red
Nepnthes Maxima Wavy Leaf

Heliamphora Minor
Heliamphora Arenicola x Ionasi

Flytrap Ginormous x DCXL
Flytrap Typical
Flytrap Akai Ryu
Flytrap Maroon Monster
Flytrap Korean Melody Shark
Flytrap Alien
Flytrap B52
Flytrap DCXL
Flytrap UK Sawtooth II
Flytrap King Henry
Flytrap Coquillage
Flytrap Purple Ambush
Flytrap Crimson Sawtooth
Flytrap Flaming Lips
Flytrap Guava Sawtooth
Flytrap CCCP Wolverine
Flytrap Dente

Drosera Filiformis Florida red
Drosera Regia
Drosera Capensis Typical
Drosera Capensis Wide Leaf
Drosera Capensis Albino
Drosera Capensis Big Pink
Drosera Adelae
Drosera Spathulata Tamlin
Drosera Spathulata Beenak
Drosera Hercules
Drosera Madagascarensis
Drosera Filiformis

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