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By CPhunter101
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albertoburrito wrote:My larger flytraps never catch anything so far, but for some reason my baby traps catch small mosquitos and flying bugs all the time.
Larger flytraps usually take a some time before closing. Mutated cultivars and some very large flytraps are incapable of closing. Smaller flytraps can react faster and are better suited for catching small insects such as mosquitos and flies.
This is based off of information from "The Savage Garden".
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By steve booth
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I'm not sure if your 'baby' is the same clone plant as the mature one, but insects see UV light, so if traps are coloured differently in this frequency, they can be far more attractive to prey than others. I have a perfectly ordinary-looking green VFT that doesn't look like anything special at all, in fact you would say it's plain and on the point of boring to look at, but it outperforms all the red coloured traps and typicals hugely as far as catching insects is concerned.
If you could see what the prey species see, that may answer your question.
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