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By rara_avis
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Joined:  Sun Apr 11, 2021 9:12 am
Hi guys! I just bought my first flytrap and I want to get fully informed about dormancy in time for winter.

I live in Michigan so a normal outdoor dormancy is out of the question. I was thinking of keeping the plant in my garage as it’s the perfect temp. What sort of grow light do you guys recommend for this? How many hours of light? I’ve seen conflicting information on this with some people saying only 4 hours of light at a low light level and some saying 10 hours at a full spectrum bright level.

Will the excess light make the dormancy “not work”? How should I go about this?

This is the light I was specifically looking at: ... B082YWKWGH
Any opinions on it?
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By ChefDean
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Save your money and just put it in the garage for dormancy, light isn't a factor at that time. Just keep them damp, about half as wet as normal, and they'll be OK. If you have a window in your garage, and you're worried about the light, put it close to the window for dormancy. I put all of my VFT's, Sarrs, and temperate dews in my garage for their winter nap and they come out just fine, and I don't have a window. Once your nighttime temps get above freezing, put them back outside. You may have to bring them in overnight a few times if it drops below freezing, just watch the forecast.
Granted, Tennessee isn't Michigan, so mine aren't in the garage as long as yours will be, but they should still be just fine.
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By Matt
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I agree with everything @ChefDean wrote with one caveat: If your garage is warm enough that the plants attempt to grow without any light, they could fairly quickly weaken and exhaust themselves by the time they could be put back outside. So if you notice any new growth when they're in the garage, be sure to get them outside during the days or under good lights until you can move them back outside permanently for the growing season.
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