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News, sales and Announcements about the FlytrapStore

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About the Flytrap Store

The Flytrap Store,, is the plants and supplies sales outlet for The goal of the Flytrap Store is to provide healthy and robust tissue-cultured and seed-grown plants to hobbyists, enthusiasts and growers at reasonable prices. The Flytrap Store focuses on providing superior named clones, registered cultivated varieties and interesting species and hybrids, as well as supplies for growing carnivorous plants.

About FlytrapStore News & Announcements

The FlytrapStore News and Announcements section of the FlytrapCare Forum exists so that members and users can--
  • Be informed about any changes or developments regarding the functionality or other aspects of the Flytrap Store
  • Learn about special sales, discounts and coupon codes that can be used at checkout time in the Flytrap Store for reduced prices
  • Look "behind the scenes" at the activities in the Flytrap Store propagation and nursery programs. For example, FlytrapCare forum members may find interesting--
    • First-hand reports about what's happening in the FlytrapCare / Flytrap Store tissue culture program: which plants are being considered or anticipated for sterile propagation, what clones are in development and how they're doing, when certain micropropagated plants are expected to become available in the Flytrap Store, etc.
    • Updates about what's growing in the Flytrap Store greenhouses, how the various clones and seedlings are faring and what measures are being taken at various times and seasons to help ensure their continued good health and vigorous growth, and when certain plants are anticipated to be ready for sale at the Flytrap Store
This FlytrapStore News and Announcements subforum of the Forum is read-only (does not allow posting by forum members). However, members may post in the accompanying subforum, FlytrapStore Discussions and may contact Matt or Leah directly by email--

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