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By ashpbee
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Joined:  Fri Jun 05, 2020 8:50 am

I’m a first time grower and I’m not sure when my plant needs a new pot. It seems to have grown quite rapidly in the four weeks I’ve had it. I’ve posted one pic of it when I got it and a few from now the current pot is around 11cm wide.

Thanks Image
69BA78D8-36F8-4634-BD70-D3E88A973211.jpeg (1.82 MiB) Viewed 377 times
5CDF3CA3-98BE-4AC8-82F2-0E236676961C.jpeg (2.05 MiB) Viewed 377 times
91CD561A-C36F-4410-AEBB-72A3870AAB9E.jpeg (2.18 MiB) Viewed 377 times
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By Panman
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I agree with repotting but would you take divisions at this point in the season or wait until dormancy. I would be afraid of stunting it too much. But, then again, I'm a chicken when it comes to repotting and dividing.
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By Matt
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I'd recommend a repot ASAP given how crowded the pot is and how much carpet moss is on the surface of the soil. It is still very early in the growing season, so it will have a much better summer of growth in fresh soil.

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