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By MikalAyl
I am very new to the nephenthes community.

I bought a nephenthes about 2 months ago.
It seemed to be ajusting fine to my frosted windowsill with a humidity so 50%.
Unfortunately it is winter now so the temperature has drop to +- 14degrees.

About 2weeks ago my pitchers started browning. I wasn’t to alarmed as this should be normal. But I started noticing that the newly developing pitchers are also brown?

Should I be concerned?
And how am can I create an optimum environment?

Attached photos of my browning pitchers.
CECC003C-987F-4BBB-88E6-F918FC8A5E6C.jpeg (2.09 MiB) Viewed 288 times
EACEC1D3-E963-49D8-BA37-CE52B0D462F3.jpeg (3.24 MiB) Viewed 288 times
109B585E-840B-4835-B93D-AB55D8EE2786.jpeg (3.02 MiB) Viewed 288 times
By Fieldofscreams
It's perfectly fine. In the winter they will drop their pitchers usually from lack of light and humidity. It will start make pitchers in the spring but from now until then it's going to just grow.

You did say it's in front of a frosted window. They need much more light than that. Put in your brightest window at a minimum.

BTW, my Ventrata sees high 30'sf regularly, doesn't even phase it.

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