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By xanthoparmelia
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DragonsEye wrote:Albeit that I am too late for that song as xantho is correct that one of the colors mentioned is "red", the other is "white". (Just for you Xmas enthusiasts who "just had to know". heh)
Complete guess, since I don't think i've ever heard the song before. I figured it had to be one of the three main Christmas colors (green, red, or white). Good thing i didn't go with my first guess. :)
By hollyhock
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The random generator has selected the winner of the giveaway...
It looks like twillyranger is going to be adding a new plant for Christmas. Congratulations.
Message me and we can figure out something nice for you and the shipping details. Thanks everyone for your participation. Stay tuned starting 12/12 will be giveaway #3. :D
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