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By Big-Jack
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mojo50 wrote:Just a thought, maybe try dipping an insect or a meal worm in a weak fertilising solution and feeding it naturally.
Triffid park nursery recommend this dosage."To one litre of water, they use 4 ml of Seasol and 1ml of Powerfeed". Its all about experimenting, I am going to give this a go myself and see what happens.
happy growing. :D
Last season I made a VFT super snack by using a dribble of a weak Miracle-Gro solution from a drop bottle to rehydrate bloodworms to the consistency of Skoal (You want to be able to roll and pack it into a small ball with your fingers so you don't want it wringing wet or too dry that it falls apart. Use two toothpicks, one to stab the meat ball and one to scrape it off into the bottom of the trap)
Results: Vivid green color, fast growth, and many divisions. Going to do more experimenting this year. Some with Miracle-Gro, some with plain water to see if the difference is real or imagined.
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