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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By edman007
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Hi, so I'm going to start an outdoor bog garden in zone 7, and I'm looking for plants that are cold hardy (anything I can plant and leave it through the winter). Does anyone have anything? Looking for drosera and Utricularia specifically, others that might grow would be good too. I already got D. Filliforms and D. intermedia seeds ordered from ICPS.

I'm willing to trade or sell, unfortunately I don't have too much to offer other than a boatload of D. capensis and D. spatulata (maybe it's D. tokaiensis... ICPS says they are hard to identify and I got them from a random source). Anyways, my drosera are taking over in my pots and I need to do some weeding so I probably have 50 small plants of each kind I'm willing to trade. I'll also pay for seeds/plants if that's better.
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