FlyTrapCare Community Seedbank Now Open

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FlyTrapCare Community Seedbank Now Open

by Shadowtski » Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:56 pm

The FlyTrapCare Community Seedbank is now open!

The seedbank's main/inventory page can be found here: HOME/BOARD INDEX -> SALES, TRADES, & WANTS -> SEED BANK -> FlyTrapCare Community Seedbank Inventory.

The Main/Inventory page is a pinned post and will always be found at or near the top of the forum listings.

Here is a direct link: FTC Forum Community SeedBank

Please read the rules first before you order seed or donate seed.

Thank you to our fist few donors.

Let's get growing!

Shadowtski (aka Mike Tarnowski)
Seedbank Manager

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