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By Maiden
Hi guys

All kms have the same problem; after a while in the same media mix, the new traps just cannot find a way to pop out the soil and grow underground, as you can see in the pictures.

I have to repot all my kms each 3 months to avoid this. Even the tiny kms plants clump have the same problem.

Any idea?


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By sbrooks
I've repotted mine a couple of times in the past 6 months or so. I think it's toast. I just recently purchased another starter plant from FTS. Thankfully, they sent four small plants, so I have a few chances to get it right. :roll:
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By Matt
I've seen this happen quite often with all of the KMS we grow. We just let them do their thing and eventually they'll start putting out traps again that make their way out of the soil.
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By Maiden
This cultivar have a very weak genetic, its amazing. Sone traps just cannot support their own weight! Ive emailed max yoon this morning, maybe he can suggest a lighter soil mix.

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By Maiden
Sbrooks: 4 plants? This is very generous! When i buyed mine from a europe producer, i paid 25€ and i got a tiny unrooted plant.

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