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By Gautama_Buddha_
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Joined:  Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:06 pm
Just wanted to share this neat product here as this seemed like the right board for it. I realize a lot of people here are talking about professional photography or buying/using much higher end cameras but I thought this could be useful for someone working with a smaller budget...all about options!

Anyway, I came across this Kickstarter today for a smartphone accessory called the Easy Macro, its basically a small magnifying lens on a rubber band that goes over your smartphone camera lens allowing for 4x magnification that..
gives your phone's camera close-up powers that you never thought possible and its unique, patented design means that it will fit on any smartphone available today (and tomorrow!) with or without a case.
A couple example pics from the Kickstarter page I linked above


Now apparently this product does already exist (since ~2011) and you can buy it at their website for 15$ but, this Kickstarter campaign is to fund an updated (more powerful) and more durable version. All the early bird backer rewards have been claimed but you can still get one of these for 10$ if you pledge today. Ships in December once the project is funded.
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