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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By cpbobby
Posts:  170
Joined:  Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:42 am
will trade for sarracenia, d. oblanceolata and lowland nepenthes(1 stipulation for this trade is I will trade for 1 plant if the other person agrees to accept 2 or more of mine). Time to trim some of the fat from my collection to make way for nepenthes I have been wanting for a while. Other than the speckled mirabilis and the mirabilis x tiger I really do not want to part with them....but I want a northiana more :) .

will sell too!

The speckled mirabilis is a very vigorous plant and shows it's spots on the inside but not the outside yet. it is a RC.

The mirabilis x tiger is a very new RC so not much roots yet. looks like any other one when it gets pitcher with orange lips. looks like it is making a huge new leaf.

The King tiger was a cutting i grew with no leaves on a stalk which I hear you are not supposed to do and success rate not that good....whoops! It defied the odds and is doing well with infant pitchers....they will look like any other king Tiger producing large red pitchers when it gets older.

Next is a miranda which is an older RC....really want to keep it but don't think I can unless it will work as a house plant. The other 3 are lowlanders but i hear this plant is flexible about it's conditions. Either way it seems to enjoy being a lowlander.

Lastly is a SG nigro gracilis....which is a very nice looking plant and will probably only look nicer as it ages and becomes a dark red. Really do not want to part with this one.

far as nepenthes I only grow lowlanders and would only agree to the stipulation above. only have 1 drosera that i am really looking for but may be open to others and have the most leeway with sarracenia.

thx for looking.
By aaa61
Posts:  110
Joined:  Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:26 pm
Ya still sellling the miranda I'm interested but I can't buy anything :(
By cpbobby
Posts:  170
Joined:  Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:42 am
i don't know what to tell not running a charity and I already offered u a free sundew if I win the raffle but i would expect you to pay for shipping........the begging is wearing thin.

In an effort to be constructive if you are going to beg then your best bet would be sundew seeds or ping seeds......something that is cheap to ship. Even if I gave away that miranda to you then you are looking at $13-16 for shipping and not many people are gonna comp that for u that i know of.I do not currently have any seeds but that is where you would have the most luck as far as scoring something without having to pay for shipping.

u should put up a thread, share your plight with the community and see what you come up with vs hijacking/begging.

I have a trade lined up for all of them but not a done deal yet. The gracilis is currently unspoken for and have decided to try to acclimate the miranda into being a houseplant.

*edit: I have organized some freebies to be sent to you very soon on a different forum to get you going.....happy growing.
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