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By unicorn775
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Joined:  Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:31 pm
parker679 wrote:To be honest, in reading the listing it never specifically states that it's a "Big Jaws" cultivar. Rather it seems more like they listed words that people may search for in the title.

While you may be able to argue that it's misleading, they technically never said you were buying a specific cultivar, just that the plant they were selling had big jaws.

Now if they had randomly thrown the words "red dragon" in the title you may expect that you were buying a specific type of plant.
well, I will argue with that, excuse me (lol) the title of this item clearly said BIG JAWS, that cultivar I WAS LOOKING FOR SPECIFICALLY. That I mentioned to seller after I recieved wrong item and to clear it, I explaind myself and asked (after explaining the difference) to take it out of the title as misleading. Next time he will see red traps on VFTs, what he will call it - red dragon? Maroon monster? and someone else who wants Red Dragon will have to question is it the really one? or it will be just typical one with redder traps? I am talking about misleading word in anywhere - title, dscription, because, he took the description out of... wikipedia or some other sourse without having a clue what he sells - that was the point of my topic.
And YES, I will expect to recieve red dragon, if I buy from person, who claims in the title that they sell Red Dragon. Wouldn't you???? I definately will not expect typical with redder coloration. Thank you, but no thank you.
The point of the topic is - sometimes we get really... really disappointed. I did and I shared. I appriciate his effort to help me out, I have to admit it, he offered to send me another SAME plant. I explained myself to this seller again, that I have over 10 typicals and don't want another one. I wanted specific species. He got it.
I hope less people will get misleaded and spend their money on something what they DON'T want. I am not an expert in selling VFTs so I will not sell it (for example). I research and get as much info as possible about things I sell, so if I would have a question from buyer I would back up my info with knowledgeble answer. And I expect the same from other sellers. I want to know what I am spending my money on. That was my point and that what topic is about. :D
PS. FTS sent my traps today - yey... I am so excited... :lol:
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By unicorn775
Posts:  211
Joined:  Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:31 pm
sundew wrote:"big jaws" was just a description. a lot of negative reviews are from people making assumptions and not reading the entire description.
Excuse me, but isn't everything we buy online without looking at it "in person" is just a description? That was a description I WAS LOOKING FOR!!!! And that was the titled item I wanted to buy, I wanted a Big Jaws? Would you question this perticular title and description? And would you expect to get typical insted of what you looking for? honestly? :shock:
I will not repeat myself again, I just hope other peeps will be more... careful and ask before buying... what I will definately do after THIS perticular perchase ;)
Now I know that I will not buy there, I will rather spend more and buy from people I trust 100% 8-)
By parker679
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Joined:  Mon Mar 14, 2011 8:34 pm
unicorn775 wrote:And YES, I will expect to recieve red dragon, if I buy from person, who claims in the title that they sell Red Dragon. Wouldn't you???? I definately will not expect typical with redder coloration. Thank you, but no thank you.
That was my point, if the title said red dragon, that's a name of a cultivar and isn't typically used as an adjective. You would be correct in expecting a specific type of plant. As I said.

But "big jaws" while being a specific cultivar is also also a valid description of a plant that has large traps. While the title contains the words you were looking for, there is not anywhere a claim by the seller that he is selling a specific type of VFT. So while it may have been intentionally misleading, there is no proof.

Also, $6.99 a plant seems like an average price for a typical. Had it been a legit "Big Jaws" it would have been a great deal. So ultimately the complaint is that you got a typical for an average price but it wasn't what you thought you were buying.
By idontlikeforms
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Joined:  Sun Feb 22, 2009 10:12 am
unicorn775 wrote:yep, this is the one. and it does says that he sells BIG JAWS. Is it yours? :geek:
It's not mine.

But I suspect the other posters here may correct in that the seller may have just been listing the words "big jaws" as a way to show up in searches better. Ebay has changed the way their titles work and allows a lot more words in it now so a lot of vendors are adding extra words like this now in their titles.

I've sold many of AG3's X Big Jaws and they typically have an orange blush in their traps but not red coloring. The same goes for King Henry, which was considered to be the best X Big Jaws and I've seen a photo of the mother plant Big Jaws and it is a short leafed large trapped giant that also has light orange coloring in its traps. So I'm pretty sure your plant is not one of the old X Big Jaws or King Henry or the real Big Jaws. AG3 has not sold any X Big Jaws for almost a year and half. I think there may be a vendor or two online that still has some left they are selling but for the most part they are not in circulation anymore. I don't know of anyone who has TCed and/or sold the real Big Jaws either.

Also, your 2 plants don't look so bad to me. I can see some of the traps are shedding, and whether it is due to old age or significant stress while in transit I'm not sure. But the growth points look good and usually that means the plant will grow well assuming it's basic requirements are met. Most of the significant stress from shipping this time of the year, in my observation, comes from sitting in hot mailboxes. If the plants sat in a hot mailbox before being taken inside that may be what stressed them. I have to send email notices about this to my customers. It's 50 times a bigger problem than damage in USPS' care. I'm not sure this is what happened with your plants but I've seen it happen so many time that I figured it may be relevant to point out.
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By unicorn775
Posts:  211
Joined:  Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:31 pm
I agree with you totally. This plant will survive and thrive. It does look much better-greener-fresher now. It was exosted due to shipping. It was sitting in this clear plastic without moisture even before shipping - when I got it medium was completely dry and plant didn't look good at all. I let it soak for a while and replanted it in fresh moisty medium I had for another plant. I think in most of the cases if you get exosted and drying plant - time does makes a difference. The sooner you start saving it, the better chances for it to survive. 911 for plants LOL. Anyway, now it is happy. Of course it will loose most of it's traps, but as you said rizome and few new tiny traps are good to go.
And I wish sellers would be more like you - giving more info about care and what may happend during shipping and how to recover plant fast. If I would sell those plants I would definately explain to people what to expect. I know what to do but some people need a care instuction or at least links where to find right info
By bugman
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Joined:  Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:41 pm
Yes I agree it does not say it is a particular variety, we have the same issue on ebay uk where to my surprise sellers like that one who sell Dutch grown plants and people pay up to £20 for a typical nameless clone just because it has many big traps!
By sundew
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Joined:  Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:34 pm
And that was the titled item I wanted to buy, I wanted a Big Jaws? Would you question this perticular title and description? And would you expect to get typical insted of what you looking for? honestly?
big jaws could just be describing the traps, it doesn't mean that the plant is a big jaws. the description never says anything about it being a big jaws. even if the title says it is what you want you have to read the description, if the description is vague or doesn't match the title then do not buy it.
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