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By masmith
I bought a 6" pot and a tray. I couldn't find Perlite that wasn't MiracleGro (so I didn't get any). I got Mosser Lee LongFibered Sphagnum moss.
My original fly trap came in a 3" pot so I'm gonna take the dirt from it and mix it with the stuff I bought.

Does this sound good enough?
Please answer ASAP because I'm waiting till its confirmed to open eveything.
It will do for now, but you might eventually want to go with the peat/perlite mix. That moss is fine and some say that is all you need but others complain that a pure moss medium can cause the soil not to drain as quickly and could lead to root rot. The peat/perlite mix gives the soil aeration and good drainage. You can find sphagnum peat moss at any homedepot or lowes and you should check out local nurseries or farm supply stores for perlite or find it on ebay.
By masmith
I didn't check Home Depot but Lowes only had Peat Moss in 40-50lb bags and I'm not buying that much Peat to make a 50-50 mixture for a single 6" pot. What if I layer the outside of the 6" pot with my sphagnum and put the whole chunk of original dirt inside?

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