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Submit a photo to enter the contest or vote for your favorite photo submission

Moderator: Matt

Choose your favorite photo from the choices below. Each user gets three votes.

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By Matt
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Voting will be open for ten days. Each user gets up to three votes and once the votes are cast, they can't be changed. Good luck to all the entrants! Yet again, there are many great photos in the running. Seeing the outcome will be exciting :)

Each of the options are clickable so you can view them directly here or go directly to the official submission thread and view them there: ... t9489.html

I had to leave out LearnItByMyself's Nepenthes ampullaria red striped lips because he or she has not been a FlytrapCare forum member long enough to enter the photo contest.
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A few very nice photos!

What I have yet to discover is: do most members vote for stunning photographs just because they are good, for the types of plants being grown, or both!

The results will tell!

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