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By Alex2893
Posts:  495
Joined:  Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:35 pm
I bought some amazingly healthy Holland Red Venus fly traps from Member Bigpurp57. I got a perfect 10 inch pot for it today. its like a rubbery plastic. its very dense and almost a half inch think. it was black when i bought it so i spray painted it a gloss white. Its drying now so ill plant them tomorrow. I just have to drill some holes in it and it will be good to go. i already mixed up some medium. i did like 30% perlite 20% silica sand and the rest was peat moss. I washed it out as best i could. all i have to do now is pot it.

Let me know if i should add more sand

Image20150708_160030 by Alex Littig, on Flickr
Image20150708_160522 by Alex Littig, on Flickr
Image20150708_162114 by Alex Littig, on Flickr
By Alex2893
Posts:  495
Joined:  Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:35 pm
OK i planted the traps today. I think it turned out well.
I put all my mix in a old pillow case and because my rain barrel water reads 7 ppm on my meter i pored about 6 gallons into a large 15 gallon bucket and dunked the pillow case into it. i make sure to really get the water into the medium. when i was done i rang out some of the water into a cup and the tds read 5 ppm. i figured that was good enough
Image20150709_103102 by Alex Littig, on Flickr
Image20150709_103310 by Alex Littig, on Flickr
Image20150709_103245 by Alex Littig, on Flickr
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