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Places to buy Venus Flytraps and other carnivorous plants.

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By cpbobby
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places I have shopped:

Meadow biological research:


good communication
plants are generally large for what you pay for them
good prices
will work with you if there are problems with an order


can be slow to ship
packaging isn't the best

Overall opinion:

great place to go to get your first taste of cp's especially if you live on the east coast. But most of the drosera and VFT's are common so no need once you get yourself established; however I cannot comment on the sarracenia as of yet.

a carnivorous plant store Carnivorous plants


excellent selection
good to excellent prices
will work with you(replaced an anglica that refused to grow and died but will request photo evidence)
will treat you well if you do repeat business
things packaged good


communication can be spotty
shipping can be slow

Overall Opinion: give em a try....if you have a varied list of cp's to get best to get them at one place and save on shipping.

Black jungle


plants are quite healthy...outta the box my lowlanders were ready to acclimation, no fuss no muss.
good selection of nepenthes
fast shipping
good packaging
mostly good prices


poor communication. some questions i posted never got answered.
prices can be a little high depending on what you order.
plants rcd were a little small.

Overall Opinion: if it wasn't for the worry free quality plants i got I probably wouldn't do business there again. for last.

Lee's Botanical Gardens


Great value!
very good communication. you can tell the guy has been in the cp business a while.
good packaging
very healthy plants...they needed to acclimate some to my lights...little too bright but wasn't a problem at all..for the specimens I received
has LL crosses I have never even heard of much less compare to(ya know since everyone else is all about highlanders).


limited selection. not many other cp's to choose from other than nepenthes and if you aren't shopping for Lowlanders or lowland crosses; best to look elsewhere.

Overall Opinion: If you like Lowland nepenthes then why are you not on the website already?! If you do not like Lowland nepenthes then meh give it a look when you get the time.
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