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By Big-Jack
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uusa2000 wrote:
Big-Jack wrote:My Walmart typicals put most of their energy into making countless divisions instead of big sturdy traps. Disappointing in that regard and the fact they are slow to get going in the spring. They are quick trappers though and get a nice burst of growth in early fall after my cultivars are already past their peak and going into dormancy mode.

As much as I like the robust looks of my B-52's they are generally slow to trigger and take too long to close. If I didn't hand feed them they would probably starve to death. Some of the huge traps are completely non-functional for trapping insects. Will Not Trigger. If you force them to close they will and eventually seal up but how lame is that? I think the plant tissue is just too thick for the bio-mechanics to work properly.

My Polish Draculas are my favorite VFT's (so far). Great growth. Good sized traps on long thin (but sturdy) stems and quick triggering and trapping (although the bugs can sometimes escape at initial capture because of the lack of cilia).
My B52 snap so hard and fast, my tweezers fait.

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Mine must be a dud :cry: . I will try letting the traps age a bit before feeding like Jagasian suggested and see if that helps with the trap speed.
By uusa2000
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Well I didn't go get another plant from lowes because Im hoarding too many plants now and have no more room but this one came from lowes back in March.. Pretty hardy 90°f+ in st louis. Image

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By Doublebass1985
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Here's my lowes rescue and it has grown quite a bit since I got it back in january of this year. It has produced the biggest traps out of all my plants so don't count out crappy lowe's plants because it all depends on how your growing conditions are. This plant was a little runt when I got it too aswell as being my first flytrap
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By Artchic528
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I have a Lowe's rescue in my Mature plant pot. I've all but thrown away everything it came with (death box, tiny pot, medium) and stuck it in my own medium in a nice large pot with my other mature plants. It's in dormancy now, so it doesn't look it's best, but come March or thereabouts, it should look spectacular!
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