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By JaneCP
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With work calming down, I finally have more time for my plants again. Since I haven’t already, here is my current growlist. These plants were able to survive my first year with carnivorous plants!

D. binata var multifida extrema
D. binata “Marston Dragon”
D. capensis “Alba”
D. capensis
D. filiformis (tracyi)
D. filiformis
D. intermedia
D. burmannii
D. micrantha (Cranbrook)
D. scorpioides
D. pygmy (NO ID)

N. ventrata
N. sanguinea hybrid
N. (thorelli x ampullaria) x (globosa x ampullaria black miracle)
N. mirabilis x (globosa x ampullaria black miracle)
N. rafflesiana (white x alata)
N. (globosa ‘Klom’ x B11) x OP
N. St Gaya
N. Red Leopard
N. ventricosa x alba
N. (thorelli x ampullaria) x [(globosa x kuchingensis) x (globosa x rafflesiana)]
N. (veitchii x burbidgeae) x unknown
N. ventricosa x sibuyanensis
N. glandulifera x (ventricosa x stenophylla)
N. spectabilis x ventricosa
N. densiflora x rafflesiana

Dionaea muscipula
Dm. dente
Dm. typical

P. ehlersiae “Victoria”
P. cyclosecta
P. gigantea
P. laueana
P. agnata “Red Leaf”
P. gracilis
P. esseriana
P. debbertiana
P. jaumavensis
P. marciano
P. el mirador
P. pirouette
P. moranensis
P. aphrodite

S. “Bug Bat”
S. purpurea
S. purpurea hybrid
S. leucophylla
S. x moorei “Phantom”
S. leucophylla “Judith Hindle”
S. minor “Cobra”
S. flava OP
S. Leah Wilderson x Legacy
S. Squid x Rojo Diablo
S. Royal Ruby x Purple Lips
S. flava rubricorpora
S. Wilderson Red Rocket F2 x Red Sumatra

Utricularia calycifida

Byblis liniflora

Triantha occidentalis

I’ll probably be reorganizing and adding more info to this list later and hopefully pics to come of some of my favorites!
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