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By Hedonista
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Joined:  Fri Jan 05, 2024 2:21 pm
Today I rinsed a bunch of peat moss, as well as some sphagnum and silica sand. I got them all set to air out upstairs (my fungus gnat breeding program takes place on the main floor), and I cleaned up the myriad containers and accoutrements required to make said rinsing possible.
Then I messed with setting up my new smart plugs (thanks for the rec., andynorth!) and bargain greenhouse fan, and moving things from one mini-greenhouse to another (back and forth and back and forth, raising and lowering all the lights each time).
I played with a heat mat under my VFT seeds, setting an arbitrary on-and-off daily schedule for it in an attempt to keep the heat steady-ish without frying my seeds.
And best of all, I contacted a former postal coworker to have my box of live plants held for me to pick up tomorrow morning in order to prevent it from sitting in a 28F parking lot for an hour early tomorrow morning before spending the day in an unheated LLV. Actually, he said he would drop it off at my house if possible (it probably will be, since I live six blocks from the post office) :D

So all in all, a pleasantly productive day, and I’m in a great position for my new plant babies from ChefDean to arrive early tomorrow morning!
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