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By Nepenthesis
Hey guys,

I am a member of a few other CP forums. Just joined this one now. I wanted to share my new forum,, with you guys. We aim it at the discussion of mosses from around the world and we will eventually add a CP section and buy/sell/trade, but not as of yet. I am thinking of changing the entire site around to just discussion about sphagnum or discussion about bogs, bog plants (including CPs and sphagnum)... What are you opinions on that? Would you prefer a general moss forum or a bog forum, or just a sphagnum forum?

I know it is a bit suspicious how this is my first post. I did make the account to share, but I just stumbled upon this forum yesterday and I'm happy it is so active. I'll definitely start a thread for my GH and ask some questions here!

I'd love some feedback on my forum! I can make any changes needed.

Thank you! :D
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