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By Outcast
I am looking into either purchasing, or building an indoor grow tent for my Nepenthes and a few other tropical CP/other plants that I may want to grow.

Does anyone have any ideas on where I can get a good deal for a pre-made one, or plans on how to build one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By markus13
That should work very well. You may get to much light from that fixture for your neps. If you see the leaves starting to turn a light green to yellow possibly with spotting, then you are giving them too much light. To fix it just remove one bulb from the fixture. I just ordered a grow tent myself. I got in on Ebay for a little over $130 including shipping and it's 76"x76"x76". I already have the T5 lights and fans so the tent was all I needed.
By Outcast
Thanks markus,
I have to save up for it, but hopefully I can get it soon. I don't like having things that I feel I can't properly care for, and one of the pitchers on my hybrid is showing signs of stress already. Hopefully they acclimate soon. I don't want to loose my first Nep's...
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